FOR the last two-and-a-half years, it’s felt like I’ve been trapped at a football match I didn’t want to attend, with the most dull, incessant and never-ending commentary ever.

The management team at the time committed us to the match, locked us all in the ground, then did a runner with the silverware.

There was no training or preparation for the game. I didn’t approve of the team selection way back then, which has been borne out by the

fact they took their eye off the ball right from the kick off and have since run around like headless chickens, while occasionally gazing lovingly across at the unattainable Brexit Trophy.

Despite allegedly having the best players money can buy, no teamwork is in evidence. The left winger appears to have no more idea than the rest.

Without any referee, the right winger has used the opportunity to give every weak player a good kicking. I’ve no idea what the goalkeeper (strangely renamed the backstop) is doing.

In common with many top-level footballers, they all appear totally focused on who will pay huge wages, with no thought for the lower leagues in the huge pyramid that supports the top level.

The reserves are now itching for a game, despite having no more idea about teamwork, tactics or priorities than the rest.

The other team appear largely disinterested in the result, as they too are on a gravy train, addicted to gravy and very much want to keep it that way.

Consequently, a boring nil-all result will suffice, with the minimum fuss to avoid provoking their own increasingly truculent supporters.

Whatever the final result, I can’t help but feel it will be a disappointment and when they finally eject us from the ground, my pocket will be picked on the way out.

I prefer rugby league.

Cllr Mike Potter, Ryedale District Council Derwent Ward

It won’t help

HAVING worked in export for various UK business over the past 30 years, I am able to safely conclude that David Loxley has no experience whatsoever of UK manufacturing.

UK companies have never received and never would receive instructions from the EU as to where they are allowed to export.

What we do receive are offers of help from the UK Government to assist our exports on a global scale from Norway to Vietnam.

We compete on a worldwide scale against other European countries. Sanctions aside, defence-related items are the only products subject to restrictions and these come from the UK Government, not the EU or anywhere else.

Products are sold successfully on the basis of price, quality and delivery. Believe it or not, it is quicker to supply to Paris than Sydney and at a cheaper delivery cost.

Unless we tow our island somewhere else, it is unclear how that situation will ever change and Europe is therefore a natural starting point for most new exporters.

Brexit will simply throw extra hurdles at us and customs charges will kill dead any business relying on a large number of small orders coming from the EU. It certainly won’t help anyone except customs brokers. Smaller imports from the EU will likewise become more expensive.

As the export manager of a very successful local business, my travels take me worldwide from Kazakhstan to Brazil where my meetings have brought in millions of pounds worth of business despite apparently “not knowing how to negotiate” and despite my “laziness”.

I wonder how many other people in the area Mr Loxley has decided to gratuitously insult from his position of ignorance.

Peter Winter, Kirby Misperton

Happy New Year

I WOULD like to wish all Helmsley residents a very happy and prosperous New Year.

During the past year the community spirit of Helmsley was very noticeable.

I would like to thank all the volunteers for their continuous dedication.

The Limes Play Area, with a new tunnel net this year, is a huge success with our younger residents and the refurbishment of Helmsley Pool is well under way for is reopening in May or June 2019.

More fundraising is ongoing which will help with the pool’s changing rooms, toilets and domestic offices in the near future.

I would like to thank Helmsley

in Business for the hard work

over the year and especially for the lights and the wonderful Christmas tree.

In the old cemetery the volunteers have done extensive groundworks and with a lot of the old and damaged memorials being repaired it has made the cemetery not only tidier but a lot more accessible.

Thank you to everyone for making Helmsley such a wonderful and pleasant place to live.

Have a great 2019.

Carol Swift, chairman of Helmsley Town Council