A FUNDRAISING campaign to build a hydrotherapy pool for a boy with severe disabilities has overtaken its original target.

The family of nine-year-old William Chambers, of Marton, who had quadriplegic cerebral palsy and severe global development delay, in addition to other complex medical issues, set out to raise £10,000 15 months ago.

His mum, Joanna, said that with recent donations, the Just for William campaign had raised £14,600. “The fundraising has been amazing, our original goal of £10,000 has been smashed by the phenomenal support of the community, she said.

“The pool we need is £11,000, hoisting facilities will be approximately £2,000 and a shower trolley will be £2,500. We will continue to fundraise as there is also the building to put the pool in to pay for.”

William was born three months early weighing just 1lb 8oz and battled illness, including swine flu when he was two months old, after which extensive brain and lung damage was found. He cannot move his body and also has epilepsy, visual impairment, microcephaly and chronic lung disease.

Joanna said: “William’s world is experienced in a very different way to how you or I experience it. He loves being in water, and being in a really warm place with lots of bubbles which is why we launched the campaign to build a special hydrotherapy room at home complete with hoisting facilities, lights, music and sounds.”

The latest donations to the Just for William campaign came from Something Special in Kirkbymoorside, which raised £208, and the Sun Inn in Pickering, which raised funds for William and three-year-old Ruby Sugars.

Ruby, who lives in Pickering, has a rare genetic syndrome, which affects her speech, motor development and long-term sight.

“William and I were so pleased to be invited to The Sun Inn to accept a cheque for £1,000 from Sandra Best, which was raised by her husband Lol Best who successfully completed Sober October,” she said.

Joanna said the latest donations had enabled her to pay the deposit on a hydrotherapy pool. She said: “I have been completely blown away by the support we have received from the community, without which we could not have reached the amazing figure we have in such a short time.

“The publicity the Gazette & Herald provided to our cause touched so many more people and William’s Facebook page, @justforwilliam has helped keep us in contact with our supporters.

“It’s easy to live in a bubble of your own making when caring for someone like William, the project has broken that barrier down and I am so very touched by the kindness I have found in our community.”