A VILLAGE pre-school, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, has expanded with a permanent classroom.

Swinton Pre-school has created a new permanent classroom in the village’s Reading Rooms thanks to a grant from North Yorkshire County Council.

Jennie Smith, pre-school leader, said: “At Swinton Pre-school we have achieved our dream and poignantly it is in the year Swinton Pre-school celebrates its 40th year.

“The group has a long history of some lovely times at this village pre-school setting with a real family-orientated feel and now we are delighted to have a permanent room within the Reading Rooms at Swinton.”

Jennie said the room had been turned around in five weeks when it was re-plastered, insulated, painted and new heating and lighting put in.

“We would like to say an enormous thank you to the county council who generously funded us the money to achieve our dream and create such a stimulating environment for our 22 children within the setting,” she said.

“I would also personally like to say a big thank you to the amazing team at Swinton Pre-school.

“The committee, which is chaired by Charli Byng, who worked very hard to promote us and achieve our funding, and to Hayley Revis, who single handily painted the entire room for us in her precious time off.

“Also a big thank you to Selby Paint Re-claim in donating the paint to us and to Norton and Malton Lions also in helping us achieve our dream.”

Jennie said the children now had free flow play access to the outdoor area.

“This has further promoted an independence to their experience and learning at pre-school,” she said.

“The room is stimulating and inviting and all children have ownership to the room which is wonderful and makes our small intimate setting even more child orientated in which every child has a say within their very own environment.

“The resources within the new room are now fully used and can be changed and adapted on a regular basis to incorporate all areas of The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

“We are presently creating a book corner with a learning tree in which the children can sit underneath in a quiet cosy area of the room , we even have faux grass to sit down on and cushions to sit on.

“The room has so much potential and we are very proud to say it is ours.”

Charli Byng, chairman of Swinton Pre-school, said as of this month the playgroup will be able to offer 30 hours from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

“Jennie and her team are wonderful staff who have awaited so long for this new permanent room for the children since 2002 and I’m very pleased to be able to provide it for them after such a long wait thanks to the Ryedale Community Fund."

Charli added: “Our next project will be the garden which I hope to get funding for, the aim is sensory wall activity areas and plants from herbs to flowers for touch, smell and feel as well as growing beds for the children to do there own planting.

“I truly hope that the playgroup will be around another 40 years if not more.”