THE Vale of Pickering Art Club has taken part in a new project to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Members of the club’s committee decided to help the trustees of Pickering Memorial Hall by providing a permanent photographic display of the mural in the Whistler Hall of the building, in recognition of the importance of the building for holding club events.

Rex Whistler painted some murals on the walls of the Whistler Hall in the Memorial Hall in 1943.

One of these shows children eating cakes and is still in the hall, but despite several previous attempts at conservation it is deteriorating.

The trustees felt that a good photographic record would be the best way of preserving the history for future generations.

Art club members raised funds by holding a Music, Muffins and Mini-Exhibition event in June.

A photograph of the mural by John Clifton has been printed, mounted and framed, along with a drawing of Rex Whistler and some information about the history of the mural.