AS local residents we were pleased to read about the one-way scheme proposed by North Yorkshire County Council in Nicholas Street, Norton (Gazette & Herald, November 28).

From frequent observation and use, we feel that the controversial junction changes at the Church Street/County Bridge junction, have improved traffic safety, but the traffic levels in Nicholas Street have greatly increased, particularly in the early morning and late afternoon.

It is not simply a volume problem, far too many drivers are speeding recklessly down this residential road, threatening pedestrian safety on this well used school route.

Urgent action is needed to improve matters and we believe that the proposed scheme would reduce the pressure on Nicholas Street and create a safer environment.

We do not agree with Ray King’s illogical criticisms.

We accept that there will still be a significant traffic flow along the street but traffic volumes overall will not increase as a result of the changes, and traffic will revert to using main roads such as Church Street, as it should.

We will however also be asking the county council to introduce a 20mph speed restriction on Nicholas Street, to better control the speedsters.

Mike and Janice Gwilliam, Langton Road, Norton

Losing the plot

I SIMPLY had to write in, when seeing the proposal to make the bottom section of St Nicholas Street one-way.

Have Richard Marr, North Yorkshire County Council and Councillor Keal completely lost the plot?

Are they trying to completely cripple the roads in Norton?

The road priority needs putting back to how it was, thus meaning when the crossing barriers go up traffic is not queued right back to Scarborough Road, causing the residents of Norton to travel down St Nicholas Street.

The problem cannot be solved by creating a bigger problem.

I hope this madcap idea gets put to public consultation.

I totally agree with Councillor Duncan. The whole scheme, HGV ban/road priority needs looking at again, and not another knee jerk scheme pushed through because a local councillor just happens to live in that street.

How can turning St Nicholas Street into a virtual cul de sac help solve the problem?

M A Stockill, Norton

Where’s our share?

THE Government has announced that money will be made available to local authorities to repair roads.

I travel widely in North Yorkshire and I have come to conclusion that we are the forgotten district.

Ryedale (that’s the bit of the county coming from Northallerton, that starts at the top of Sutton Bank) should get parity, fairness and our share of monies spent on our roads, many of which are in a lamentable condition.

To begin with, North Yorkshire County Council should make a start on the many stretches of the much used road between Helmsley and Malton that are in a deplorable condition.

Not only are there potholes aplenty that can’t be fixed by a man and a couple of barrow loads of of tarmac. But more seriously there are multiple lengths that are very dangerous because the whole structure of the road is shot at.

“Stagecoaches at a gallop” used to ply between the two towns, today they would be forced when traversing these sections to slow to a walk for fear of breaking horses’ legs and smashing carriage wheels.

If NYCC is in any doubt about what needs doing I would willingly set forth with a dozen cans of yellow spray paint.

Peter Bell, Slingsby

Roundabout plea

IF only the Highways placed a roundabout at Musley Bank end of Malton Road Industrial Estate, maybe Norton would not be so polluted with traffic fumes, apart from HGVs going to Pocklington.

Then the HGV traffic may probably use the bypass a lot more.

Jarvis Browning, Fadmoor