PLANS have been put forward for an trial one-way system in St Nicholas Street in Norton.

The proposals have been put forward by North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) to help tackle the traffic issues in the residential street by introducing a one-way stretch of road from the junction with Welham Road to the car park.

The permitted direction of travel would be from Welham Road towards Langton Road. Two-way traffic would be maintained from Langton Road as far as the car park entrance.

Councillor Dinah Keal, a Ryedale District and Norton town councillor, said: “The planned one way system is a for a trial period and is to try to tackle the traffic chaos in St Nicholas Street that has come about since they changed the traffic priorities at the Church Street, Welham Road and County Bridge junction.

“This is just part of Norton and Malton’s traffic problems and there is a lot more that urgently needs to be done to try and alleviate the problem of congestion and air pollution, but this will hopefully move traffic out of a residential street and back onto Commercial Street and Church Street which should benefit some local businesses again and get the traffic moving out of Church Street more easily. And yes my family has lived on St Nicholas Street for more than 20 years, but that is incidental - what used to be a quiet residential street has become a rat run and as a councillor I have responded to local residents who have contacted me who are deeply unhappy about the current situation where they live.”

Mayor of Norton Cllr Ray King said: “Norton Town Council were never consulted about the initial changes to the Church Street junction. In my opinion it is undemocratic that NYCC can thrust change like this upon the community without any consultation whatsoever.

“However, this current proposal simply will not work. There will be an enormous impact on all roads in the area affecting traffic movements through the whole of Norton, in particular Langton Road, Bazley’s Lane and Welham Road, which will become more congested adding considerably to the potential for accidents.

"Personally I think it is time for NYCC to admit they have made a huge error and return the railway junction to its original state.”

NYCC Highways area manager Richard Marr said: “Views are being sought from residents and key stakeholders on an experimental one-way system to address the traffic issue along the residential street. These views will be reported to the director of business and environmental services in February.’’