IN the wake of the recent First World War centenary, a Malton woman has revealed a quirky historical discovery.

Rosemary Hill, 78, who lives in Rivermead Care Home in Norton, has a copy of the Daily Mail from Monday, June 30, 1919 - two days after the signing of the treaty of Versailles.

The paper, which appears to be a souvenir edition marking the signing of the peace treaty - six months after fighting ended with the Armistice of November 1918 - is largely taken up with a large and patriotic picture of “Their majesties the King and Queen”.

Beneath that is the poem The Victorious Dead by Alfred Noyes, and there is also a timeline of the war’s key battles.

The paper cost one shilling.

Rosemary’s daughter Sandra Williams said: “The paper was in the attic for a long time - we believe it belonged to an elderly relative and it’s been passed down.

“It’s interesting to read, especially with what’s happening in the world now.”