IN view of recent comments regarding the car park at The Hive (our library and community hub), I would like to clarify the position.

First of all, may I gently remind everyone that if the county council had had its way, Norton Library would have been closed, pushed with Malton Library into Malton Station at Harrison House, the building destroyed and the car park totally lost.

The issue of car parking has been discussed frequently by the trustees. We had offers from people willing to pay for one space or more, some who wanted a long term stay and others who felt that, having had the ability to park at any time of day, they were definitely not happy with the present situation.

Let me say immediately, that I have sympathy with everyone who is now disappointed. What we all have to remember, however, is that the building is not only accessible for library users and members, including all disabled people.

There are many different groups who attend who have access outside the actual library hours. These groups reflect the aspect of the Hive, whom we had to attract to retain our Norton library. This was part of the county council’s agreement for our lease.

I really need at this point to dispel some mis-information about the current status, which I have encountered in the past week.

The car park can be used for up to three hours after registering in the building, and not 30 minutes. That means there is time not only to change your books, or read a local paper, but also to visit shops in Commercial Street, go to the Post Office (much shorter queues than elsewhere), and perhaps, even have a cup of coffee at The Kitchen.

The trustees are still looking at other possibilities; these are early days for the new arrangements. Please be in touch if you have a query or a suggestion for The Hive.

A great deal of work has gone into retaining the building, which is run entirely by volunteers. We owe them sincere thanks.

Cllr Elizabeth Shields, Norton on Derwent

Tractor run success

RE: JMK Memorial Tractor Run. £3,530 was raised for Marie Curie Care and Support Through Terminal Illness at the tractor run on September 9, 2018.

With generous giving by so many people, the support of landowners who allow access for the event, marshals and stewards, and a wonderful picnic lunch provided by the Kirkbymoorside & District Marie Curie Support Group and friends, this proved to be a happy and successful event and congratulations and thanks go to everyone involved.

Tractor drivers came from far and wide and were treated to a wonderful route over some of our beautiful North York Moors countryside.

Over the last 14 years, a total of £63,987 has been raised at this annual event, and the money used to help local patients and their families.

This is a splendid sum and is due to the vast amount of hard work put in by Malcolm Simpson who organises the event with support from family and friends.

Mary Kendall, treasurer of the JMK Memorial Tractor Run

Perfect tribute

COULD I use your pages to pay tribute to all those involved in organising Pickering’s remembrance service, parade and ceremony.

They achieved a perfect balance between formality and accessibility to make an excellent community event.

It was brilliant to see so many people taking part, ranging from veterans’ groups to all the branches of Scouting and Guiding and local politicians. Well done.

County Councillor Greg White, Pickering Division

Proud of my village

I KNOW I speak for many residents and visitors in highly commending Thornton-le-Dale’s WI and friends for the excellent display of poppies in, around and near the village green commemorating the centenary of the ending of the Great War.

The display comprises of over 5,000 poppies supplemented by wreaths and information sheets, and is a very fitting tribute to all the brave selfless men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to enable the survivors and future generations to retain and enjoy the freedoms

fought so hard for.

More than eight million horses died in the conflict, as well as thousands of other animals, birds and creatures, great and small.

Every volunteer involved in the display must have expended a large amount of effort, time and money in this endeavour. They have made me very proud as a long-term resident and restored my faith in the human race.

Mike Cross, Thornton-le-Dale

More signs please

I VISITED Brompton-by-Sawdon church to see their poppy festival, having been told by a friend about it.

It was very impressive, so much careful work and research had gone into it.

I wondered why there were no visible signs pointing me to it? What a waste, so many other people would have loved to have seen it.

Sadly this letter will be too late I suppose, but next time, please, such a wonderful festival shouldn’t be kept a secret.

Anne Stewart, Helmsley