FOR this month's feature, Kirkbymoorside Camera Club have got creative.

These six images show off a range of skills and techniques, tested on various subjects.

Kirkbymoorside and District Camera Club meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month at the Moorside Bar and Club, Shaw Drive, Kirkbymoorside at 7.30pm.

New members of all standards welcome.

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Julie Cowdy - Psalms of David

This image refers back to a genre of still life, using symbolism, as painted by the Old Masters. The objects suggest time and age, with the snuffed out candle and the spectacles. I created the composition then added a background layer using a photo of textured stonework. I try to achieve an artistic creativity in my photography.

Sharon Marwood - Lily Burst

This image is of a day lily, created by zooming in or out as the shot is taken.

Harry Kingman - Here’s Penguins Galore

This is a composite of several photographs of Gentoo Penguins taken on Greenwich Island in Antarctica. I was aiming to create the impression of a group of penguins slaloming down a slope.

Lynn Wraith - Full Flow

After lots of rain, a local river was very full, bringing peat down from the moors. The colours in the water were striking and I decided to take the image with a technique called ‘Intentional Camera Movement”.

John Clifton - Passion Door

You don’t always need an expensive camera to create great photographs. Due to the low light and high density of visitors to the Segrada Familia in Barcelona, I was unable to use my trusted DSLR. Instead I turned to the camera on my mobile phone to create this image of the Passion Door.

Mike Ward - The Cod & Lobster

This is an unusual photographic image of The Cod & Lobster at Staithes. The photograph was shot from a high vantage point on the cliff top in the afternoon. It was later digitally enhanced in Photoshop to make the photograph look as though it was taken in the evening.