MALTON presenter and entertainer Ryan Swain has won a regional award for Outstanding Contribution to presenting live events across Yorkshire.

Ryan received his award at the Yorkshire Gig Guides Grassroots Awards 2018 which was held in Mexborough, South Yorkshire.

He said: “I am very proud of what I have achieved and things just keep getting bigger and better and even more exciting than I could possibly imagine.

"With no management, no endorsements and no financial backing I have managed to achieve so much and I am incredibly proud of that. I love contributing and giving stuff back not just to my local community but to my local fans, people and most importantly my family. I would like to thank each and everyone of you who voted for me in the awards, who have supported me and continue to do so. I overwhelmed to of even been considered worthy of such an accolade and I am extremely grateful.

"Thankfully I have a very supportive family network and great friends and fans who encourage and support my talents who I am forever thankful too."