RYEDALE District Council is relaunching its Don’t be a Waster – Reduce, Reuse, Respect campaign with a focus on four big issues – responsible dog ownership, waste and recycling, litter and fly-tipping.

Over the last year the Don’t be a Waster campaign has focused on a variety of issues which have been highlighted by residents with the aim of encouraging community pride and raising awareness across Ryedale of a range of environmental and street scene issues.

The council is launching the new campaign by focusing on responsible dog ownership.

Community officers will be helping parish and town councils tackle the issue, including adding more anti-dog fouling stencils in problem areas.

They will also be visiting schools to talk to children about the health risks associated with dog fouling and more stickers advising dog walkers that bagged dog waste can go in any litter bin will be added to bins across the district.

New leaflets will also be available to help residents with various dog issues, including tips to reduce barking, and will feature the competition winner from the previous campaign, Jeff the Labrador.

Cllr Luke Ives, chairman of the council’s policy and resources committee, said: “We had a really good support from residents, local businesses, parish and town councils who have supported the campaign.

“Now we’re focusing on the most successful elements and will look at how we can work to continue to tackle these issues over the long-term.”

“We know these issues matter to our residents and we’re looking at different ways we can make a difference.”

For more information about the campaign, go to ryedale.gov.uk/DontBeAWaster