THE season is upon us when game birds are released into the wild in advance of the shooting season. It might be timely to remind landowners what the law is regarding walking dogs near these areas.

I was recently walking my dog with a friend and her dog in the Hovingham area along the Ebor

Way - a public footpath and national trail.

We were stopped by a woman in a vehicle who told us to put our dogs, who were sitting by our side, on leads as there were pheasant pens ahead and she didn’t want our dogs chasing the birds.

The law does not require dogs to be kept on leads as long as they are under control and keep to the public footpath with their owner.

Game birds do not count as livestock such as cattle and sheep which require greater caution by dog walkers.

Public rights of way are just that - rights of access for everyone and landowners cannot set rules about their use which the law does not support.

Sarah Banks, Huttons Ambo

Hive comments

RE: Mr Webster’s letter about Norton Hive car park (Gazette & Herald, September 19), we wish to address some of the comments and misconceptions.

1. This is a private car park, not run by North Yorkshire County Council or Ryedale District Council.

2. It is there to accommodate users of Norton Hive Library and Community Hub, a registered charity, run by unpaid volunteers.

3. The costs of maintaining the car park are borne by Norton Hive.

4. We rely entirely on donations from our members, grant applications and income from room bookings and office letting to cover our running costs.

5. Parking restrictions were introduced following complaints from regular library users that the car park was often full. This was a particular problem for the home library and information service who collect and deliver books to rural locations and to those customers with mobility problems.

6. Out of hours customers include adult learning and skills service classes in English, maths and ICT, Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource, Alzheimer’s Society, Community First Yorkshire, Sight Support Ryedale, Counselling, Pilates, meditation and various meeting room client bookings.

7. Parking is also provided for two organisations who lease office accommodation and their visitors.

8. From October 1, the library opening time will increase from 22 to 24.5 hours per week as opposed to 10 hours per week when it was a county library and listed for closure and likely redevelopment.

9. Customers parking at Norton Hive should also have sufficient time to support local shops and businesses in Commercial Street following their visit to the library.

Having saved the library from imminent (and permanent) closure, our aim is to encourage and develop the library and community hub and to ensure that parking space is available for current and future customers.

Trustees of Norton Hive, Commercial Street, Norton

Picture appeal

I AM acting on behalf of the authorities at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery Busan South Korea, where more than 800 British Servicemen are buried.

The authorities there wish to obtain photographs of those servicemen interred there, and, also of those who died, but have no known grave (200-plus).

Copies of the photographs will be placed in the records, and will also be displayed on the walls of the Cemetery Hall of Remembrance, for all time.

The following names are just a few of the young men from Yorkshire who gave their lives in Korea.

Fus Francis Vickers, Pte Gary Holmes, Gnr George W Naylor, Fus Fred Kenyon, Pte Baden Pickles, Fus Kenneth Foster, Sgt Edward M Hall, Gnr Norman Grayston,

Fus Banjamin F Johnson, Maj Charles A H Blake, Pte Leslie Rolley and Pte John Holland.

Any family, or friend, who lost a loved one in the Korean War 1950-1953, and wish to take part can send the photograph to me Brian Hough 116 Fields Farm Rd, Hyde, Cheshire, SK143NP.

If more details are required you can phone me on 0161 368 5622, or, 07467 037742. You can also email

May I thank you for any help that you can give on this matter.

Brian Hough, Cheshire