A MAN is today on the sex offenders’ register after a jury convicted him of molesting a young woman.

Steven Grainge, 46, of High Street, Barton-le-Street, denied sexually assaulting the woman when she visited his home.

The jury at York Crown Court saw Facebook messages and heard a telephone call during which, according to the

prosecution, he apologised to members of her family for molesting her.

Grainge claimed he was apologising for upsetting the family.

After two hours in retirement, the jury convicted Grainge of sexual assault.

Judge Andrew Stubbs QC adjourned sentence for a pre-sentence report.

“The fact I am granting you bail is no indication of the sentence you will eventually receive,” he warned him. “All options are open.”

Grainge will be sentenced on October 26.

The young woman had spent the afternoon at Grainge’s home and fell asleep on his bed.

She told the jury when she woke, he molested her.

But then her father rang and Grainge took her home, apologising in the car.

Grainge alleged that all he did was put an arm round her in an affectionate way and that there was no sexual intention.

He told police in an interview when first arrested he had had cannabis before putting his arm round her.

He told the jury he hadn’t taken cannabis until after she had gone home.

The jury heard the woman had counselling. Last summer, she broke down after a counselling session and told her mother Grainge had sexually assaulted her.