AN arts and crafts exhibition was held at St Michael’s Church in Malton last week.

This was the second time the church has organised an exhibition following the success of an inaugural event two years ago.

Sue Wright, one of the organisers, said: “We had more than 20 exhibits, ranging from patchwork, embroidery of many types, painting, woodwork, lace work, photography and hobby displays, in particular a model sailing boat.

“During the exhibition, Barrie Gillespie, who makes and repairs violins and violas, worked at his craft in church and this was very popular.”

Sue said that all those taking part were quite local and were very talented people.

“St Michael’s is a church that pushes hospitality and the church is always open,” she said.

“We had a few people acting as stewards, but we also had a number of folk who came in for long parts of the day and just got involved, enjoyed the company and chatted.

“It was a very happy occasion bringing many people into the church.”