A NEW musical comedy coming to Pocklington Arts Centre (PAC) is aiming to raise awareness of dementia amongst a younger audience.

Playwright Elizabeth Godber wrote ‘Three Emos’ after training to become a Dementia Friend and learning that her own great-grandmother had had the disease.

Now Elizabeth, the daughter of renowned playwright John Godber, wants to raise awareness and ensure younger generations are informed about dementia.

Elizabeth said: “It was inspired by a collection of things really. I did some dementia training with a charity in Hull to become a Dementia Friend and got involved that way. We are aiming the show at younger generations – not children as it’s a tough topic – but certainly teens and young adults. There’s comedy in it but also a lot of information and awareness about dementia presented in an accessible way.”

‘Three Emos’ tells the story of Emos Ruth, Nat and Live who spend their days working dead-end jobs in Hull, and nights playing open mic nights. But Nat’s Gran’s Dementia diagnosis takes them in a whole new direction. Generations clash and come together in this humorous yet thought provoking tale of finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

Three Emos is at PAC on Wednesday, October, 10. Tickets are available by calling on 01759 301547 or via www.pocklingtonartscentre.co.uk