INSPIRING a future generation of young vets is just one of the reasons Julian Norton gives for writing his third book, The Diary of a Yorkshire Vet, which was just been published.

Julian rose to fame when he was featured in the popular Channel 5 TV series, The Yorkshire Vet, alongside colleague and James Herriot apprentice Peter Wright.

“My generation of vets was inspired by Herriot’s books and the TV show All Creatures Great and Small, and now I get letters from the vets of the future. If a by-product of being on TV and writing books is to inspire a future generation of vets, then that can only be a good thing,” said Julian.

Ever since he was a child, Julian, who grew up in Castleford, wanted to work with animals in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

He also had an innate desire to write things down, so much so that when he was at school and told his teacher he was going pursue a career as vet rather than do A-level English, the teacher said: “ Will you one day, at least, write about being a vet?”

This is Julian’s third book and follows Horses, Heifers and Hairy Pigs – The Life of a Yorkshire Vet, and A Yorkshire Vet Through the Seasons. It chronicles 52 weekly veterinary stories throughout 2017.

He will be signing copies in Claridges, Helmsley, on tomorrow (Friday) from 3pm, and in Waterstones York on Monday, October 1, from 1.30pm.

The current series of the Yorkshire Vet can be seen on Channel 5 on Tuesdays at 8pm.