RYEDALE beekeepers have dispensed advice to local apiarists on what to do if they see a predatory ‘Asian hornet’, after the insects were spotted in Yorkshire.

The Government’s National Bee Unit has called for the public to report any sightings after a hornet was spotted in Hull.

The predatory hornets are a non-native species. Just a few individuals can effectively wipe out whole honeybee colonies.

Dr Rhona Sutherland of the Ryedale Beekeepers’ Association said: “It is disquieting to hear recent reports of yet another sighting of an Asian hornet, this time in Hull.

“We have already had an evening workshop for members to make the Nelson Trap to monitor Asian hornets and we have a talk on latest developments arranged in next year’s programme.

“We will continue to inform our members and also members of the public of news on Asian hornets via our website at ryedalebees.co.uk.”

There is information on how to identify the hornets on the Government website gov.uk.

Members of the public can also report sightings by email to alertnonnative@ceh.ac.uk with a photo or on the Great Britain Non-native Species Secretariat website.