FLAMINGO Land is the most-visited paid attraction in Yorkshire and the Humber and the third most visited in England.

The Kirby Misperton theme park and zoo topped the VisitEngland league tables for the region, published last week.

In 2017, it had a massive 1,691,083 visitors - up five per cent on 2016 numbers, and significantly more than second place Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s 792,053 visitors.

In the whole of England, the only two paid attractions which had more visitors than Flamingo Land were Chester Zoo and the Tower of London.

VisitEngland chief executive Sally Balcombe said: “Visitor attractions are an important part of our tourism landscape, driving visitors to discover more of England.

“It is great to see people are getting out and exploring the huge variety of attractions and places of interest on offer across the country, boosting tourism and distributing the benefits across local economies.”

Gary Verity, chief executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, added: “We’re incredibly fortunate to have such a diverse range of leading world-class attractions. Yorkshire is a must-visit destination for people all over the world.’’