RYEDALE’S Talking Magazine has been given a sound boost with a donation from Ryedale Lions Club to help improve the quality of their monthly recordings.

The £500 gift from the Lions has bought a new computer to edit and produce the Talking Magazine’s spoken CDs for blind and partially-sighted listeners, compiled from recordings of stories and items of interest chosen and read by volunteers. For nearly 40 years the Talking Magazine has gone from recordings put together on home tape machines, to hi-tech home computer technology and editing programmes.

“Since we began recording, the quality of equipment has advanced dramatically and with our latest computer we can now produce a much more professional quality of recording and editing and give the feeling of listening to a joined-up programme of reader’s stories with voice-over links,” said Martin Redgard, the magazine’s editor.

Frank Hayward, chairman of services for Ryedale Lions, is delighted that the Lions could provide support. “The Ryedale Talking Magazine plays a valuable role in the lives of many people and provides a quite unique local service,” he said.

More than 50 CDs are now sent out each month to listeners in Ryedale and surrounding areas. They are then returned by Freepost and re-used. The service is free to users and new listeners are welcome.

For more details about the service, phone Val Bulidon on 01751 476499.