WHAT a summer we’re having in Malton. It seems like gelato weather every day. Temperature soaring, blue skies abound and visitors enjoying town.

Apart from a few unbearably hot nights (spare a thought too for the farmers who must be struggling with the dry weather), I have to admit this part of Yorkshire is feeling very Mediterranean.

No need to go on holiday then, when you can enjoy the pleasures of walking the moors under perfect skies, a splash on the Yorkshire coast or the gelato of your dreams in Talbot Yard.

Last week we held a small thank you party for the volunteer ambassadors who help Visit Malton CIC (the shortened name of Malton Amenity Community Interest Company) run the various events throughout the year.

Although May’s big Food Lovers Festival is the one event that most people have heard of, it’s worth noting that the CIC also runs 10 monthly food markets, the traditional Saturday market, six Street Food Sundays, Malton Harvest Food Festival and the new Marathon Du Malton event.

The crucial point of all of this is that none of these events would be possible without the amazing support and effort from the Visit Malton Ambassadors.

It was such a pleasure to see this happy group meeting at York

House for a glass of fizz and a few laughs.

Volunteering is certainly about helping run community events, but it is undoubtedly a fun, social activity too. It’s wonderful to see how friendships have blossomed through volunteering and how the CIC has also started to get volunteers from further afield.

Keith and Lyn, from Huddersfield, originally visited on a Malton Food Tour and liked it so much they now volunteer at the many of the events.

It’s also a nice way for those new to town to get to know others in a fun and relaxed environment. Annie and Jim Croft who have recently moved to Malton are a great example of this.

It is the commitment from the volunteers which I know the CIC’s team and the whole of Malton rightly celebrate.

Although it’s perhaps wrong to single out individuals it is amazing to note that Maureen Nash has volunteered at nearly every Visit Malton CIC event in the last 10 years. Bravo Maureen.

And how superb to also have the Malton and Norton Tidy Up team as part of the mix.

Their tireless work to make the towns cleaner and more appealing should not go unnoticed.

Two hundred and 66 bags of rubbish, debris and abandoned traffic signage collected this year alone, and the town looks all the better for it.

Malton in Bloom, who also attended the party, are doing sterling work of their own too and with a silver gilt won last year there is anticipation about what can be achieved this year. The town is positively blooming.

Finally for now, don’t forget Saturday, August 11 is the monthly food market followed by Street Food Sunday the next day.

Marathon Du Malton runs on August 26 and The CIC’s second biggest event of the year - Malton Harvest Food Festival is back on Saturday, September 8.

All the details can be found at visitmalton.com