I FEEL the article by David Mackie, regarding “MP hands over demo petition” requires some correction and clarification.

The responses from Frack Free Ryedale and Kirby Misperton Protection Camp quote 4,375 people and groups who object to planning applications to frack in Ryedale. It may surprise readers that some of those objectors are likely to be among the 800-plus members of RAAP. The record needs setting straight about what RAAP is and what it is not.

Firstly, the group consists of pro-frackers, anti-frackers, undecided about fracking and some who have no view either way. Secondly, the group entirely supports peaceful protest and lobbying against or for fracking.

The group is totally opposed to:

l Protest camps which by their nature are inhabited by non-locals;

l Protesters who invade our community who are self-proclaimed “protectors” who travel the country protesting not only about fracking but HS2, tree felling, road developments and many other causes. There are many such individuals who crop up multiple times at multiple protests and multiple court cases;

l Road blockages caused by lock ons, lorry surfing, tower building and other illegal disruptive acts;

l Intimidation and abuse of local businesses;

l Abuse of police officers who are protecting both sides of the protest.

RAAP is concerned that in the event of any further fracking activity, these people will again invade our community. The group is seeking clarification from local and national government, the police and all local agencies as to what their learning has been from the previous anti social and illegal activities and more importantly what plans are in place to protect the local community should they return?

Many in our community are against fracking, however I would suggest that many in our community would be equally against the return of the imported self-proclaimed protectors, their camps and their disruptive anti social actions.

Bob Batty, RAAP Community, Thornton-le-Dale

Use it or lose it

AS colleagues who started the campaign to save the Pickering town bus, Helen Fields and myself would like to thank all those who gave their support, with a special mention for MP Kevin Hollinrake and Greg White, a councillor at North Yorkshire County Council.

The council has agreed to run the bus for a six-month trial period, which is very encouraging. However, they claim that with present passenger numbers, it won’t pay for itself and they do not have the financial means to subsidise it. Therefore, passenger numbers need to increase.

Some people will argue that in fine weather a walk into town (if they can manage it) will do them good. I don’t dispute this, but, if you don’t use the bus, it may not be there on the on the bad weather days when you do want it. Please use it or lose it.

M Payne, Pickering

Blooming great

HIGH fives all round for everyone who contributed to, or participated in Kirkbymoorside In Bloom’s recent record-breaking open gardens event.

A really fantastic day was made possible by the stalwart gardeners and businesses who bravely opened their plots for public perusal, some for the first time; they never stopped. We were treated to a fascinating collection of varied designs, colour and projects.

The plant stall was another sell-out winner; many thanks to all who donated and bought from us. The Quaker Meeting House garden once again provided a tranquil setting for the many cream teas consumed during a glorious afternoon; our appreciation once again for the use of this lovely facility.

Faced with the reality of yet another season of wholly inadequate weed control in the town, we especially appreciated the efforts of members of the public who just got stuck in and worked alongside us clearing litter, pulling up weeds and sweeping the public areas of the town.

Without a doubt you too helped in presenting the town as well as we did to the 237 visitors to the event.

This year we worked in partnership for the first time with Nils &Rye Art Gallery in the town.

The siting of artistic pieces within the aesthetics of some of our gardens created a flood of interest. This was a really exciting project; we cannot wait for next year.

A final thank you to all our visitors and your lovely comments and feedback; we so appreciated that at the end of a busy day.

Your support, together with the valued sponsorship of businesses within the town, means we can continue looking after the town’s 99 tubs, 24 troughs, road signs, war memorial, and 50 hanging baskets.

You missed it? Just make sure you get the date into your diaries in the new year. See you all again then.

Gaynor De Barr, chairman of Kirkbymoorside In Bloom