THERE have been plenty of books written about the history of Scarborough, admits Robin Lidster. His latest offering - Scarborough From Old Photographs - doesn’t claim to be yet another one.

Instead, it is nothing more than a series of snapshots of the seaside town through old photographs.

It’s all the better for it. The book is, writes Mr Lidster, “a collection of images that will remind visitors and residents of memories and stories of the changing scene, past times, activities and events in the town”. It is “a personal collection... gathered by the author, family and friends over the last 50 or more years”.

More than a quarter of the images come from the author’s own collection of magic lantern slides. Others come from glass negatives, colour transparencies or prints. Some show scenes of Scarborough that have not been seen in print before.

Scarborough From Old Photographs by Robin Lidster is published by Amberley priced £14.99.