A BAKER who was inspired to set up his business after the death of his nine-year-old daughter is aiming to expand to give away bread to those who can’t afford it.

Tim Smith set up Zuzu’s Bakery in Wheelgate, Malton, last year with the aim of producing nutritious bread at affordable prices.

He said: “Zuzu’s Bakery is the result of my 54 years of real world experiences and named after my late daughter Zuzu. Parenting my very disabled little girl took me through times.

“I was lucky, I had some support and was able to work, so I only had to make this financial call occasionally.

“Many people have much less luck - many people have to live day-to-day with such financial and decisions. This isn’t right.”

Tim said his daughter was born with a rare variety of cerebral palsy and was unable to walk or talk. Although she was only expected to live six months, she died in 2004, aged nine.

Tim said: “Losing Zuzu was absolutely devastating and it made me rethink my life and want to do something positive.

“Zuzu and I had a good, fun, active and happy life and Zuzu’s Bakery is fuelled by the lessons I learned through that beautiful period of parenthood and my relationship with my daughter.

“Lessons about love, about nutrition, and about not having much money in a world where good, nutritious food costs, are present in every aspect of the business.

“Malton has a mixed demographic ranging from the very wealthy to the very poor. I want to sell our food to our community and – ‘Bread by Mail’ – beyond it.

“Zuzu’s Bakery will use the money contributed to continue selling our food at realistic prices for all abilities to pay.”

Tim is assisted by local artist Debra Lansell, who looks after the shop on a voluntary basis and organises the bakery’s ongoing gallery of Art by Women.

“Debra has been essential in getting Zuzu’s to where we are now,” he added.

“We now provide at least one ‘Wonky Bread Day’ per week, when we sell two or three day old bread at a heavy discount or even for free to people who want and need it.

“We would like to make this a regular, daily experience.”

Tim is now crowdfunding to buy a new oven and upgrade the bakery, receiving support on social media from food critic Jay Rayner.

Tim said: “I know this approach to making and selling food and nutrition works.

“It is grounded in reality - Zuzu’s has already proven it is not a pipe dream nor a phase for the business to move through to open more shops and ‘make a name’ with. This is the business.

“This is Zuzu’s Bakery’s heart and soul.”

Anyone who would like to support Zuzu’s Bakery can do so at indiegogo.com/projects/good-bread-for-all-budgets-food#/