Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team (SRMRT) were called out on Saturday afternoon to a walker injured in the Hole of Horcum.

The woman, who had a lower leg injury, was 50 metres from the A169 Whitby to Pickering road below the Saltersgate car park.

A spokesperson for SRMRT said: "A crew from Yorkshire Ambulance Service were with the casualty but had no way of extracting them back to their vehicle.

"We quickly determined that the path was too narrow to carry a loaded stretcher back up to the car park and any carry through the Hole of Horcum to a drivable track was not practical so we opted to set up a 'simple' rope system to haul directly up the slope to the road.

"This proved to be a physically demanding exercise for the 15 team member but quickly got the lady to the road, into an ambulance and on the way to definitive medical care."

They added: "If you are out in the hills, even close to a road, and suffer an injury then call 999 ask for the Police then Mountain Rescue."