FOUR men were asked not to enter Ryedale for 24 hours after they were caught selling door-to-door unlicensed.

Ryedale police said that the men were given a dispersal order yesterday (May 10) following reports of door-to-door selling in the Slingsby and Malton areas.

All door-to-door sellers need to have a pedlars' certificate which is issued by the chief of police. 

In a note on the community messaging system, police also issued guidance for people targeted by door-to-door cold callers, with advice including always obtaining three quotes ahead of roofing or other home maintenance, and paying by credit card for goods or services costing over £100.

Police added: "If you find yourselves in a situation where you have contracted for goods or services with a doorstep caller, the trader is required to provide you with a cancellation notice giving you 14 days to cancel the contract.

"If they fail to do so, it is a criminal offence."