A LANE on the A64 which was closed due to flooding has been reopened.

The lane on the eastbound carriageway remained closed near Tadcaster and York this morning (April 12), and once again caused long delays, but reopened at 11.35am.

One driver, who does not want to be named, said he was stuck in traffic for two hours this morning and yesterday morning due to the lane closure.

Before the lane reopened, he said: "Traffic is just backing up to the A1 all day long. The flooding this morning is certainly not like the pictures Highways England tweeted yesterday.

"It's slightly on the lane but not where a car wheel would drive.

"For me, the issue is the lack of action. The last couple of days I have gone past I have not seen a person working there.

"There is no urgency to get it sorted."

A Highways England spokesperson commented: “We have been continuing work on the eastbound A64 this morning to clear the flood water between the A659 near Tadcaster and the A1237. We have cleared the drainage ditch alongside the A64 using a mini digger and the water has receded from the carriageway. Work also took place to jet and clear the drainage in the immediate area.

“We were able to reopen the lane at 11.35am and there are no current delays in the area.

“An engineer also attended site this morning to review the situation. Now that the water levels have dropped, a full investigation using cameras will take place overnight early next week to ensure there are no further issues.

“We would like to thank drivers for their patience during this recent flooding event.”

The eastbound carriageway was partially shut on Tuesday due to floodwater, causing severe delays for drivers yesterday morning.

Highways England announced the road had fully reopened at about 12.50pm yesterday.

But one lane was shut again between the A659 near Tadcaster and the A1237 near York, less than two hours after it was reopened. Highways England said this was because water continued to run from an adjacent drainage ditch onto lane one.