ONE lane of the A64 has been closed again due to flooding.

The eastbound carriageway was partially shut yesterday due to floodwater, causing severe delys for drivers this morning.

Highways England announced the road had fully reopened at about 12.50pm today.

But one lane has shut again, less than two hours after it was reopened.

Motorists faced delays of more than an hour on the A64 this morning.

Lane one on the eastbound carriageway was closed between the A659 for Tadcaster and Colton Lane near Bilbrough Top because of floodwater.

Queues stretched back to the A1 at junction 44 for Bramham.

Driver Ashley Heys said the closure caused 'misery and mayhem'.

He added: "There was a puddle in the road yesterday which was about two foot wide. It's dried up this morning.

"The cones are still out and the queues are back to Leeds. It's causing misery and it's because of a coned-off puddle."

A spokeswoman for Highways England said the floodwater was close to the curb of the carriageway and the stretch was coned off for safety.