SIX war veterans who once faced each other across a battlefield now face each other across a stage.

Minefield is a multi-media performance from Argentinian writer, theatre director and performer Lola Arias that uses archive footage, live feeds, music and projection to present the deeply personal and enduring stories of aftermath of conflict.

It will be at York Theatre Royal main house, from March 28 to 31, except Friday, March 30.

Lola said: “War isn’t what interests me, it’s what comes after the war that interests me.

“What matters to me is what happens to a person who went through that experience. What matters to me is what memory has done, what it has erased, what it has transformed.”

Gabriel Sagastume was a soldier who never wanted to shoot a gun; now he is a criminal lawyer.

David Jackson spent the war listening and transcribing radio codes, now he listens to other veterans in his role as a counsellor.

Marcelo Vallejo was a mortar direction controller, now he is a triathlon champion.

Lou Armour was on the front page of every newspaper when the Argentinians took him prisoner on April 2, now he is a teacher for children with learning difficulties.

Sukrim Rai was a Gurkha and expert with his knife, now he works as a security guard.

Ruben Otero survived the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano, now he’s in a Beatles tribute band.

Lou Armour said: “What’s driven me to take part in this project is just how beautiful it is. War is awful, it damages not just those on the battlefield but family, friends and wider society. But out of something terrible and ugly has come something very beautiful – a play where humanity and redemption shines through.”

In 2014, LIFT commissioned Lola to produce Veterans, a project commemorating the centenary of the First World War. The resulting work was a video series of Argentinian veterans recollecting their involvement in war. This project evolved into the 2016 co-commissioned production of Minefield which premiered at Brighton Festival.

Tickets are available from the box office on 01904 623568 or go to