PLANS to build 79 homes on the outskirts of Norton have been rejected by town councillors for the third time.

Keepmoat Homes has submitted an application for land adjacent to Auburn Cottages in Langton Road to Ryedale District Council (RDC).

The site was given outline approval in August 2016 following a four-day planning inquiry after it was twice rejected by RDC's planning committee.

Plans have now been submitted for 20 four bedroom houses, 41 three bedroom properties and 18 two bedroom homes, with associated infrastructure and landscaping.

However, Norton Town Council has rejected the application on the grounds of flooding issues, future development, congestion, the effect on the infrastructure and lack of character. The final decision will be made by RDC.

Cllr Ray King, mayor of Norton, said: "The whole site lies in a very prominent position on one of the main entrance roads to the town, and all the proposed dwellings fronting on to this road lack any character whatsoever, with a lack in variation of roof types, no chimneys and all very cramped.

"Flooding to the low inner section of the site is a concern, which members feel is not adequately addressed by the proposed play area being situated in this section, is there the possibility that when the beck floods this whole area could be a danger to children.

"With regard to the footpath and proposed pedestrian bridge over the beck, another possible flooding hazard, where this footpath accesses on to Bazley’s Lane is of great concern as it exits onto a very dangerous bend with no footpath on that side of the Lane."

Councillors have also raised concerns about the possibility of future developments and congestion within the site itself due to inadequate parking provision, as well as in Langton Road and beyond.

Cllr King added: "The council would like to reiterate what was said when first objecting to this development that congestion in Langton Road is already intolerable taking into account the position of Norton College and a certain lack of off street parking for residential properties towards the northern or town centre end of Langton Road.

"There is now the extension to the primary school built in the Brooklyn site, situated in Langton Road, bringing even more congestion to this area."

Cllr King added: "All the above points raise questions with regard to overdevelopment on a site that cannot adequately be accommodated by the town and does not have the infrastructure to manage it."

No one from Keepmoat Homes was available for comment.