PARKING in Norton is "spiralling out of control" putting businesses at risk.

Traders in Commercial Street say the situation is becoming increasingly worse with customers who are unable to park going elsewhere.

Katrina Robertson, who opened The Kitchen in August 2016, said the situation had left her so stressed she has started to dread going to work each morning.

"Each day I have fresh produce to take with me and as I leave my house I am praying there will be somewhere to park near my business," she said.

"On top of that the parking on one side of Commercial Street is for only 30 minutes, so if I do get parked I can't then leave the cafe to move it as I am by myself so in the past couple of weeks I've had two parking tickets.

"I used to look forward to coming to work but this is getting me down."

Katrina added: "Norton is thriving at the moment with every shop occupied but people are being put off using the businesses because of the lack of parking. While Malton is promoted as the food capital of Yorkshire, it is as though Norton doesn't exist. If we could get two hours of parking that would at least give people more time."

Jane Newsome, who runs Theatre of Light, with her husband, Andy, said problems with parking had got significantly worse.

"There is St Nicholas Street car park, but that is usually full," she said.

"A few people have said to me that they would have called in but there was no where to park. The town is getting bigger and busier and nothing is being done to accommodate it."

Norton county and district councillor Keane Duncan said demands on parking in all areas of Norton are “spiralling out of control” and he is now calling for a “root and branch parking review”.

He said: “Anyone running a business in these uncertain times needs all the support they can get. While it sounds like business is good in Commercial Street, parking is becoming an increasing struggle that could deter custom.

“But the problems here are part of a much wider web of issues affecting the whole town and there needs to be an all-encompassing look at parking across both Malton and Norton. The situation is complex and we need all car park owners to be involved. This includes North Yorkshire County Council, Ryedale District Council, the Fitzwilliam Estate and Network Rail.

“We need a sensible policy that balances long-stay parking for rail commuters, workers and residents, alongside free short-stay parking for shoppers and visitors. It’s certainly not going to be easy to find a solution that pleases everyone.

“As well as looking at their current car parking arrangements, Ryedale District Council and North Yorkshire County Council are also preparing to look into new parking sites to help deal with the massive increase in demand over recent years. Capacity is at the root of the problem.”