A VILLAGE is “back to normal” after weeks of disruption due to roadworks.

Rillington was left with an eight-foot hole last Wednesday after a water main burst overnight. Another water main in the village burst before Christmas, shortly after major roadworks in Westgate were completed.

Cllr Brian Maud, a parish councillor and member of Ryedale District Council, said: “It’s not long since major road works were carried out in Westgate, Rillington, after residents had suffered heavy traffic rumbling over potholes and undulations for months.

“The completed works were much appreciated and traffic flowed speedily through the village, but the week before Christmas a burst water pipe brought an end to this idyllic situation, a huge hole was dug that reduced traffic flow to one way at a time controlled by traffic lights. Due to the time of year there was less HGVs passing, but twice I had to queue from Malton bypass to get to Rillington and often from Scagglethorpe junction. Finally after two weeks, no doubt work was delayed by the Christmas breaks, we had a clear road for most of a day before an even bigger hole appeared, at the other side of Westgate, caused by another burst water pipe. This one, due to the pressure of water created a chasm rather like a sink hole that extended under the footpath. Businesses all along the road must be fed up with the situation.

“On the brighter side one Westgate resident has said traffic controlled in this way is better for those living along side A64 in Rillington as the road is quieter traffic pass by at a much slower pace and residents can get on to the road in either direction easier and safer than for a number of years.”

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Water said: “The repair work we are doing at the other side of Westgate is now complete and the road re-open and back to normal. We would like to apologise to residents for the inconvenience while we carried out this emergency work. Following excavations to access and fix the damaged pipe, we are pleased to say the road has now been backfilled and reinstated.”