I UNDERSTAND the concern about the alterations to the junction at Norton level crossing (No Concerns, December 13), but I believe there has been too little concern about safety aspects.

My own view, as a frequent user of the junction, is that it is safer and that seems to be born out by the recent traffic monitoring.

This surely an important consideration, that must be weighed carefully compared with a little individual delay and inconvenience.

As a resident of St Nicholas Street, I also have increasing concern about safety. Traffic volumes have indeed increased, but that is not the problem. The problem is the increased speed of the traffic and the aggressive behaviour of some drivers.

Most drivers are considerate, but a significant number cut the corner with Langton Road, and then accelerate sharply with little regard for pedestrians.

We have many elderly residents in this residential street, but these aggressive drivers make little or no attempt to give way to pedestrians and respond aggressively to any slight check to their excessive speed, with angry gestures and horn blowing.

I am concerned that there will be a nasty accident if this situation does not improve. A little more consideration please.

Mike Gwilliam, Norton

Act now, or our field will be lost forever

I AM worried that if we do not act very quickly, then a much-loved field much used by dog walkers will be lost to the citizens of Kirkbymoorside for ever.

Included in the draft development plan for Kirkbymoorside is a proposal to put 35 houses onto the land south of Swineherd Lane and east of Springfield Lane.

The field has a right of way running across it and also has a network of unofficial paths all around it, created by the many dog walkers who use the field.

I can see no recognition in the plan of this use of the field. Over the years it has become a well used amenity for the citizens of Kirkbymoorside.

It is one of only two fields in Kirkbymoorside used to exercise dogs (the other one being between the church and Park Lane).

So the plan proposes the extinction of 50 per cent of the amenity land in Kirkbymoorside used by people walking their dogs.

And this is on top of the other factors which the planners themselves agree should stop it from being built on: 1. It has part of a medieval field system on it; 2. It would start to close the gap between Kirkbymoorside and Keldholme; 3. It is currently classified as being part of a visually important undeveloped area; 4. It is within the area of high landscape value.

With all of these factors saying you shouldn’t build on it, I am astonished they have been ignored, and the proposal to build has been made.

Adam Purser, Kirkbymoorside

Is it a coincidence?

WITH reference to my previous letter posted on Saturday, November 25, which was published on December 6, 2017, 11 days later, regarding “Is it in Pickering or not?”.

The Mickle Hill “retire to your perfect setting, beautiful landscape picture” will not be overlooked by residents at Mickle Hill, which they have implied for several weeks in advertising in the Gazette & Herald.

However, is it a coincidence that the same day my letter was published, the Mickle Hill advert added “a fresh approach” and included “Pickering gateway to the stunning landscapes of the North York Moors”, which of course it is, and is where the picture refers to not in Pickering.

Local pensioners agreed the stunning landscape view is from Saltersgate car park, eight miles from Pickering.

Colin Pickering, Pickering

Thanks for support

NOW that 2017 has drawn to a close, we would like to say thank you to everyone who supported us.

We are so grateful for the exceptional help we receive from the community.

We truly appreciate the hard work and planning that goes into every single fundraiser organised for Saint Catherine’s.

We would also like to thank our amazing volunteers who give up their time to ensure we can deliver our care across the 1,600 square mile radius we cover around Scarborough, Whitby, East Riding and Ryedale.

We feel fortunate that with the backing of our supporters we are able to deliver care to over 3,000 people a year. We look forward to an exciting 2018 as we work together to support patients and their families.

Natalie Wright, Saint Catherine’s