A WILDLIFE conservationist is appealing for information after a kestrel was found shot in Ryedale.

The adult bird was found on Christmas Day, close to Amotherby crossroads at Amotherby Lane, and was taken to Jean Thorpe, who rescues and rehabilitates injured wildlife. The bird had a broken wing midshaft on the radius.

Jean said: “I bandaged the wing to keep it still and the bird was kept in a warm box and fed well. I then took it to Mark Naguib at Battle Flatts veterinary surgery at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday morning. The bird was x-rayed and found to have a badly broken wing with metal fragments throughout; clearly the bird had been illegally shot.

“The radius was shattered. Kestrels have to have perfect wings to enable them to hoover to catch food. This bird would not be a flyer once the bones had calloused and sadly it was put to sleep.”

Jean added: “I am very angry, sad that yet again this has happened. We need to shame those responsible.”

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “This is another terribly sad incident which has resulted in the death of a majestic bird of prey. Someone out there knows who is responsible for firing the shots that severely injured the kestrel.

“If that is you, please do the right thing and report information to North Yorkshire Police directly on 101, select option two and ask for Jez Walmsley, or phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.