A RALLYING call has been issued to volunteers to take on roles in the Darlington Neighbourhood Watch team.

The organisation is looking for a chairman, deputy chairman, secretary, treasurer and fundraiser, to ensure it has a long-term future.

Jim Allen, the regional communications administrator for NHW, said: "Darlington NHW members are reminded that if no committee is elected at the above meeting then Darlington NHW Association will be dissolved and come under the administration of County Durham & Darlington NHW Force Association.

"This would mean that under the terms of Darlington NHW Constitution all funds and stock holdings would be transferred to the County Durham & Darlington NHW Force Association and would therefore be lost to any Darlington Association formed in the future.

Members wishing to volunteer can send their applications outlining their past experience and – no more than 200 words – to Jim Allen via email: jimb2944@virginmedia.com or by post to: 17 Dorset Drive, Darlington, DL1 2LH by noon Tuesday, January 23.