A DISTRICT judge has thrown out a court case against an anti-fracking campaigner.

Christopher Stuart Wilson, 56, was charged with using threatening or abusive words within the hearing of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress in Habton Road, Kirby Misperton, on October 17. When he appeared before York Magistrates Court, district judge Adrian Lower said the police inspector who alleged he had heard Mr Wilson say something, didn’t state he had been caused harassment, alarm or distress. Nor did the prosecution have any evidence anyone else within earshot had been caused harassment, alarm or distress.

Prosecutor Simon Ostler agreed with him and after Mr Wilson denied the charge, offered no evidence against him. The district judge formally acquitted Mr Wilson, who gave his address as the protestors’ camp outside the Third Energy fracking site near Kirby Misperton.

Mr Wilson objects to preparations by Third Energy to frack for gas at the site.

Campaigners learnt recently that fracking will not begin until 2018 at the earliest.

Mr Ostler said the only people present during the incident that led to Mr Wilson being arrested were fellow campaigners, who certainly were not alarmed by anything he may have said, and lorry drivers, and there was no indication they had heard what Mr Wilson may or may not have said.