SCHOOLS have reopened this morning following yesterday's snow fall.

The only school which remains closed today is Welburn Hall School, near Kirkbymoorside.

Some further wintry showers possible this morning, though these becoming lighter and more isolated with winds also easing in the afternoon. Cloud pushing down form the north this evening bringing a few spots of rain for some.

Tonight, mainly dry and cloudy night, though less cold than of late. However, some breaks in the cloud later in the night may give patchy frost for some by dawn.

Following the season’s first sharp frosts, North Yorkshire Police are warning drivers of the risk of cars being stolen whilst defrosting. Thieves look out for unattended cars being defrosted with the engine left running.

Research has shown that 40% of drivers let their car’s engine clear icy screens before they drive off. But they are at serious risk of losing their car if they pop back indoors and leave the engine running, even for a moment.

Unfortunately, car owners will also get a cold reception from their insurance company as loss by leaving keys in an unattended vehicle is specifically excluded from motor insurance policies.

Tips for defrosting your wind screen safely and effectively: • While you use a scraper and de-icer on the outside of your car, starting the engine, switching on heated rear screen and mirrors and allowing air-conditioned air to circulate to gently warm the glass is the most effective way to clear frosted glass.

• Stay with the car all the time - if you must go back indoors switch off and lock the car.

• Do not drive off until all of the glass is clear • Remember not to leave wipers in 'auto' when frost is expected - if wipers are frozen to the glass the wiper motor could be damaged. Don’t try to force frozen wipers off the glass • Never use just-boiled water to clear glass – it could crack the glass, freezes quickly and could ice your wipers to the glass • Clear all snow off the car, a soft brush is effective – making sure the front grille is clear (otherwise there is risk of the engine overheating).