WITH apologies to everyone who is heartily sick of both the protesters and the endless correspondance, I had to reply to two letters in the Gazette & Herald (November 1).

David Pasley, well said. I know you speak for me and I believe you speak for many. Lawful peaceful protest would be supported by many of us even though we disagree with the protest. This is neither lawful nor peaceful.

Glyn Wild claims 92 per cent of residents in Swinton said they “were against fracking”. I am sure they did. If most people were asked whether they were opposed to development that might impact them they would say they were. Wrong question.

I have discussed this with a number of local friends and neighbours and the consensus is generally the same. Of course we would prefer that our countryside remains unspoiled, but there may be a resource there that we need and so we reluctantly support the exploration of that resource.

We would all prefer a fossil fuel free world but, in the absence of sufficient capacity to replace coal, gas may be a necessity until that capacity is available. In today’s uncertain world a dependence on long sea routes or Russia to keep the gas going seems unwise.

So please protesters stop racking up my council tax bill because you think you are protecting me with my blessing. I do not want your protection and you do not have my blessing.

Jerry Swift, Great Barugh

Cultural offering

ONE of the current guides by Ryedale District Council (‘Ryescape’) is a map of ‘Ryedale’s arts, heritage and cultural highlights’.

Here are 91 entries for visitors and residents to enjoy. As a stall holder for several years on Wednesday Market Day in Kirkbymoorside’s Memorial Hall, I can vouch for the popularity of this guide as well as any of the free leaflets advertising such amenities as local transport for example the excellent new ‘Moorsbus’ initiatives.

There will I hope be renewals in 2018 for us to carry in the ‘cultural corner’ of the Memorial Hall.

I would also commend a display for local libraries which highlights some unusual events and people of the district over the years. This display features a snapshot of events in Ryedale, ranging from the engineering of water ‘from the moors’ by Joseph Foord, to the 1960s ‘Happening’ at Hawnby Primary School under an innovative head; from news articles celebrating other community events such as the ‘Helmsley Pageant’ of 1951 to performances and poems in Yorkshire Dialect.

The display is at Helmsley Library - a collaboration between the volunteers there and local writers.

Offers of local help to augment the range of knowledge in the displays and pamphlets can be left at the library in a suggestion box or at the ‘culture corner’ in Kirkbymoorside Memorial Hall.

John Dean, Beadlam

A64 action needed

I WOULD respectfully like to remind this newspaper, the police, North Yorkshire County Council and others that there are other issues in Ryedale apart from fracking.

For example, four people have recently lost their lives crossing the A64 near Welburn and still nothing has been done.

This is an absolute disgrace and a personal worry as my daughter crosses here to catch the college bus into York.

The fact nothing has been done is a slur on the memory of those who died and on the value of the lives of the many people who have no option but to cross the road here.

Where are the accident backspot warning signs? What a joke; there isn’t even a simple sign warning of pedestrians crossing.

Those who have done nothing should hang their heads in shame.

Sarah Lyon, Welburn

Ban fracking now

I REFER to David Pasley’s letter and must object to the sweeping generalisations of protesters not being welcome, all being radical activists etc.

The fact is, unfortunately, central government will not and do not listen to village hall discussions as he suggests.

This appalling, dirty, invasive process needs to be highlighted and kept in the headlines for people to stand up and recognise how wrong fracking is. I cannot see any benefit to this work, no matter which angle it’s looked at.

The solution to the protest camp, police presence and expense, which incidentally the media seems to be focusing on, can easily be resolved. Stop and ban fracking.

Richard Nock, Pickering