A PETITION calling for a review of a key road junction will be debated by councillors today (Wednesday).

Norton county councillor Keane Duncan is to urge highway chiefs to carry out a “comprehensive feasibility study” of options for the junctions between Church Street, Welham Road and Castlegate at the authority’s Ryedale Area Committee.

Coun Duncan said the 600-strong petition, collected by Tyke2000 owner Tony Boorman, presents a “golden opportunity” to tackle the knock-on effects of last December’s priority change.

He said: “Almost a year on, the overnight change continues to divide opinion.

“While Highways are clear that the priorities should stay, more work needs to be done to make it as safe and efficient as possible.

“Access between Malton and Norton remains particularly perilous for pedestrians and cyclists, while St Nicholas Street is now used as a ‘rat run’.”

Cllr Keane said he would be asking council colleagues to back a full study of options to be brought forward by highway officers as soon as possible.

He said: “I am keen to see the effects of the new layout understood and all potential options considered. It is vital we get it right.

“I have been working closely with Highways as they continue to monitor the junction, with an initial video traffic survey already completed.

“We now need to move quickly on to looking at potential infrastructure improvements.

“Plans already under consideration as part of joint work between Ryedale District Council, North Yorkshire County Council and Network Rail include pedestrian crossings, street layout changes, a one-way system along Blackboards, and a new system of linked traffic lights to manage traffic.

“Some are simple and immediate fixes, others will inevitably require funding. The aim is to achieve a comprehensive appraisal of these options – and evidence to be collated and fed back as soon as possible.”

Mr Boorman, who will also be speaking at the meeting, said: “My bottom line is that the vast majority of people in Norton oppose the change to the junction. The change has neither made the junction safer or more efficient and has only made a difficult junction worse.”.