TWO 'slow walks' conducted by anti-fracking protesters have held up convoys of vehicles at Kirby Misperton today.

From 10.50am, police say around 20 protestors walked in front of a convoy of vehicles on their way along Habton Road, delaying them by 20 minutes.

Later, another convoy of vehicles leaving the site was blocked from 1.25pm to 1.45pm by people walking in Habton Road.

The convoy then moved off without incident. Police say this was the fourth such peaceful protest so far this week.

The protests, which police say were 'facilitated' by their police liaison officers, were also carried out on Monday and Tuesday.

Superintendent Lindsey Robson, of North Yorkshire Police, said: "We need to balance the rights, needs and wishes of everyone at the site, including those who want to assemble and protest safely and peacefully."