Baroness Anne McIntosh of Pickering is to raise concerns over fracking at a debate in the House of Lords today.

Speaking in the debate on the Opportunities and Challenges for Agriculture, Fisheries and the Rural Economy, Lady McIntosh of Pickering, who was MP for Thirsk and Malton beteen 2010 and 2015, will say: "North Yorkshire is probably the most beautiful county in the land with a deeply rural economy dependent on farming, fisheries and tourism.

"North York Moors Railway, of which I have the honour to be President, is the biggest attraction alongside Castle Howard, Flamingoland, the natural beauty of the moors and vales, hills and dales and magnificent coast.

"Yes this fragile economy could be imperilled by fracking over the wishes of local people who fear for their health, the safety of the water and the value of their homes.

"Will the Government accept that, while hydraulic fracturing may boost UK energy needs in the short term, that this technology has never been tested anywhere in the UK ever before and that the level of self regulation is inappropriate, given the potential long-term damage to the environment, people and property?

"Can the Government give an assurance that any proceeds will be spent on the local community to make good any short or long term damage and that the energy created will be primarily used in the immediate area to reduce fuel bills of those living locally?

"Will the Government further ensure that any fugitive emissions of methane gas in future years, which may escape from the wells long after drilling has been completed, will be the responsibility of the fracking companies, not the landowner at that time?

"As an alternative source of energy, will the Government explore the possibilities of energy from waste and combined heat and power that would both provide energy and dispose of the waste currently sent to landfill or exported abroad ?

" Currently the North Yorkshire economy is vibrant so why would anyone put that at risk? Will the voice of local people be heard?"