FOUR anti-fracking protestors who 'locked on' on Habton Road this morning, blocking access to the Kirby Misperton fracking well-site from both directions, have been cut out and arrested.

Two people at one end of Habton Road were released by specially-trained officers at 12.40pm, and the other two at 2.15pm.

They have been arrested on suspicion of obstructing a highway and remain in custody.

Earlier, the protestors said that the operation was executed at around 8.30am, after the milk-tanker had taken receipt of the delivery from the neighbouring dairy farm, in order to minimise disruption as much as possible.

Superintendent Alisdair Dey, of North Yorkshire Police, said: "I know that protest activity has had a significant impact on the local community, particularly over the last few weeks.

"Local neighbourhood police officers and PCSOs will continue to be active in Kirby Misperton and surrounding villages, addressing any concerns about the impact of protest activity."


North Yorkshire Police also confirmed today for the first time that more than two dozen officers had been brought from outside forces to assist at the anti-fracking protest.

A spokesman said they were brought in on Thursday and Friday "due to the large number protestors coming to the village from outside the area", to enable North Yorkshire Police officers to return to duties elsewhere in North Yorkshire and York.

Superintendent Alisdair Dey, of North Yorkshire Police, said: "At times there will be an increase in the number of police officers in Kirby Misperton.

"They are there to uphold people’s rights under the law and keep people safe, in very challenging circumstances."

The cost of this mutual aid has not yet been revealed, but Supt Dey said it was "covered by North Yorkshire Police budgets, which include a contingency for policing operations such as this, and the cost is kept continuously under review".