AN ABNORMAL load will be travelling through York with a police escort tomorrow, and drivers are being warned of possible delays.

The lorry is leaving Portastor on Jockey Lane at around 9.30am, and is expected to get to Dunnington by 10.30am, on its way to Hull Docks to be shipped to the United Arab Emirates.

It will be travelling from Jockey Lane along the A1036 to the Hopgrove rouandabout, then the A64, Hazlebush Lane, Stockton on the Forest, Holtby Lane, Straight Lane, A166, Grimston Bar, and then the A1079 out to Kexby and onwards to Hull.

It is too high to pass under bridges on the A64, and cannot use the official high load route through Warthill because of an S-bend in the road.

The route it will take to Hull Hauliers Collett said it could not be moved at night because power cables may have to be lifted. The convoy will include power and phone engineers, and arborists, to help the load get through where necessary.

Gazette & Herald:

The route it will take to Hull

The vehicle is 4.6 metres wide and approximately 4.5 metres high, and around 27 metres long, and is carrying electrical equipment.

Street furniture removal has already been arranged, and the council said all costs will be invoiced to the haulier.

Another similar load will take the same route on Tuesday, October 24.

Drivers are being urged to avoid the route where possible or allow extra time between 9.15am and 11am on both days.