A NORTON author has released his debut novel.

Andrew Porter, who writes under the name Galahad Porter, has written the fiction story titled At Reception.

The book confronts “issues of loneliness, stress and self-discovery”, and tells the story of Sally, a hotel worker who chooses to live alone, with only stuffed toy pets for company.

Speaking about the inspiration for his novel, Galahad said: “Sally has a lot of psychological issues that readers will be able to identify with.

“So often we don’t discuss the concept of loneliness and it can often feel like something only the elderly suffer with, which is certainly not the case.

“You can be surrounded by people all day and still feel alone.”

The novel is set over three days, and features a series of short stories which details Sally’s brief interactions with guests and staff, as well as the arrival of a guest at the hotel which begins the process of opening Sally up to the idea of a “human” relationship.

The book, published through Troubadour, is priced £7.99.

Mr Porter was born in the UK, but has subsequently lived and travelled in many different parts of the world.

He previously published non-fiction pharmaceutical investment books under the name Andrew D Porter.