A POWER company has applied for planning permission to build a small-scale gas power plant on the outskirts of Malton.

Green Frog Energy, which is based in Birmingham, has submitted plans to Ryedale District Council to build the station off Freehold Lane, adjacent to Eden Camp. The 0.79 hectare site is currently an agricultural field.

Green Frog Energy’s application states the small power-plant will be a “peaking station” - meaning it will not be generating electricity all the time but rather just at periods of high demand.

The company anticipates it will run for 2,000 hours a year, and that it will create four new full-time jobs. The application says: “National Grid estimates that the network needs to double its standby peaking capacity by 2020 to avoid rolling blackouts. This application is made in response to that requirement.”

The company added: “This type of locally-embedded power generation serves to support the local power network. It is the most flexible type of generation as it can be turned on in 30 seconds exactly when needed and where required.”

The plant will be contracted to the National Grid for 15 years - a period of transition which will see old coal stations close and be replaced by new renewable sources such as wind and solar.

A spokesman for the Malton Estate said: “The Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation has agreed heads of terms with Green Frog Power to develop a small scale, rapid-response electricity generating facility to help provide energy security at times of peak demand.”

They added the small plant will “resemble circa 20 soundproofed shipping containers, no more than 4m high surrounded by an acoustic and security fence in a discreet location”.

The application is currently listed as a delegatable decision by the planning authority suggesting it will be decided by officers not members.