PROTESTORS have slow-walked vehicles leaving the Kirby Misperton fracking well-site this afternoon.

The 'slow-walking' - a form of protest aimed at causing delays to vehicle movements - was facilitated by police on site, who called it a "peaceful protest."

The walk began at 2.50pm. A group of about 20 protestors walked along Habton Road in front of a commercial vehicle which was attempting to leave the site.

Police Liaison Officers had engaged with members of the protest community earlier in the day to allow the protest.

Habton Road was not closed, and other road users were able to pass by the protest.

Police said that after 20 minutes, at 3.10pm, the slow-walk concluded without incident, and the vehicle drove off.

Superintendent Alisdair Dey, of North Yorkshire Police, said: "We need to balance the needs, wishes and rights of everyone at Kirby Misperton, including the right of people to peacefully assemble and protest.

"We are completely impartial in relation to hydraulic fracturing.

"However, one of our roles is to support and protect those engaged in peaceful protest.

"Officers will continue to assess the situation, engage with the protest community, and explain clearly what is safe and reasonable, as we did today."