RACHAEL Maskell, the Labour MP for York Central, has visited the protest at the gates of the Kirby Misperton fracking site.

Speaking yesterday, Ms Maskell said: "I wanted to come to Kirby Misperton today to listen to campaigners from the area on how the fracking operation is now accelerating despite the many concerns of the local community not being answered or heard.

"I know there have been arrests in the past few weeks and I want to learn more about the policing of this fracking site.

"The world is paying a heavy price for irresponsible decisions over energy production and use as climate change continues to accelerate.

"If politicians do not heed this urgent message, then it is vital that citizens are allowed to use the power of protest to wake politicians up to this catastrophic reality.

"Fracking will lock us into an energy infrastructure based on fossil fuels right at the time when we need to decarbonise our economy."