GAS company Third Energy has rejected criticism that its activities at its Kirby Misperton site constitute starting work before planning conditions have been fully discharged.

The accusations were made by anti-fracking group Frack-Free Ryedale after an incident yesterday, September 7, outside the KM8 well-site.

A delivery lorry was dropping off fencing supplies.

According to the county council planning portal, a few planning conditions - including the traffic management plan - have yet to be fully agreed by the authority.

Protestors accused the company of commencing work before these have been agreed.

A Third Energy spokesperson said: "These deliveries do not form part of the KM8 hydraulic fracturing planning application and therefore fall outside the Traffic Management Plan."

In another traffic-related issue, the protestors at the KM8 entrance said that they confronted the delivery driver and asked him not to deliver to the site, and that the lorry had instead then entered the site along another road.

"The local police inspector had expressly asked them not to use this route," they said.

Local councillor Karen Garrett said: “As a councillor representing Little Barugh, I am extremely concerned the road through the village has been used.

"The safety issues relating to use of these roads as alternatives have been stressed on numerous occasions in our objections and response to Traffic Management Plan."

The Third Energy spokesperson said: "A group of protestors illegally blocked the normal entrance to the well-site so two lorries used a different access route.

"This route was a farm track, across private land and which Third Energy has the owner’s permission to use.

"North Yorkshire Police later facilitated a third lorry to enter the site by the normal route.

"Third Energy respects people’s right to lawful and peaceful protest. We trust that those who object to our plans will also respect our rights, and the rights of Ryedale residents, to go about our business lawfully and peacefully."