A HEAVY storm has caused flash flooding in parts of Malton and the wider area.

Drains have backed up and some businesses have put out sandbags to prevent water getting into their properties.

Fire services attended a flooded property on Yorkersgate at around 11.30am. Water was entering the premises through a rear door.

Crews placed a drain cover over the base of the door.

Emergency services have advised caution on the roads.

They have also been dealing with road closures in York and Scarborough, which has been particularly badly hit.

This footage was taken on Yorkersgate in Malton. 

Wentworth Street car park in Malton has seen bad flooding with several cars in around a foot of standing water.

One onlooker said the water rose in the space of ten minutes.

This additional footage has come in from readers around Malton.

Elsewhere, in York, the inner ring road through the city centre was blocked by flooding and buildings inundated, following this morning's thunderstorm.

A stretch of Fishergate between Castle Mills Bridge and the Barbican became covered by about a foot of floodwater, with police on standby.


In Scarborough, flash floods have seen manhole covers burst off and roads become rivers.

Fire services said that between 11.30am and 1.30pm, they received approximately 60 reports of flooding to properties in various areas of Scarborough.

As of 2pm, they had eight fire engines with around 50 crew members attending flooding incidents throughout the town.

Crews have been assisting with rescuing people from cars trapped in floodwater and at properties with vulnerable residents.