A NEW version of Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol has been filmed in Malton.

Local production team, Runestone Pictures spent a day at the museum in Chancery Lane.

Runestone was started just over a year ago by Diana Brooks, from Brayton, with Christopher Harmon and Gareth Brook - who have all worked in the television, film and theatre industries.

Diana said their productions were paid for entirely through fundraising, but all expense went on the professional actors used, with crew volunteering their time and providing their equipment to take part.

She said: “A Christmas Carol is an all-time favourite and the Counting House here in Malton is the perfect venue. We’ve written the script, but we’re sticking very closely to Dickens.

“We’re quite excited about it, and the actors and crew are all amazing. I’m really happy because I’m directing it too, and it’s going really well.”

The team aim to be finished, edited and ready to sell by July. Filming has also taken place in York and Selby Abbey.

The Counting House museum is managed by the Charles Dickens (Malton) Society and houses information and displays about Charles Dickens, his life, family and colleagues, along with a collection of artefacts and pictures of the town.

Dickens was said to be a regular visitor to Malton where his best friend, Charles Smithson, worked as a solicitor at his office in Chancery Lane, which is now the museum.

It is said that Dickens was inspired to base Scrooge’s Counting House on Smithson’s office. When Smithson died aged 39, Dickens attended his funeral in the town and dedicated an early edition of A Christmas Carol to Mrs Smithson.

Linda McCarthy, secretary of the society, said: “The production team came out to visit and were very impressed by the building.

“It is great to see it being used for the film and thanks to a grant from Norton Town Council we have recently been able to redecorate.”