MORE people are being urged to join the Ryedale Street Angels to help vulnerable people on the streets of Malton and Norton each weekend.

A recent recruitment day attracted a number of interested volunteers, however about 16 are needed to ensure regular patrols each Friday and Saturday night.

Ruth Hardy, joint co-ordinator of Ryedale Street Angels, said: “We would love to get more people involved so we can introduce more patrols.

“At typical evening involves meeting at 10pm for a cup of tea before patrolling Norton and then back to Malton picking up empty bottles and cans along the way.”

Ryedale Street Angels was set up in 2013 to help people in vulnerable situations on Friday and Saturday nights.

Volunteers are equipped with bottled water and even flip flops to help people struggling to get home after a night out drinking. They also step in to help people sober up so they can get home safely or help diffuse situations before it gets out of hand.”

Ruth said: “On average we give out between 12 and 15 bottles of water each night and half a dozen pairs of flip flops.

“They tend to be young people who have had too much to drink and we also help them get home safely by getting them a taxi. We also monitor situations and call the police where necessary, which has helped defuse situations.

“We are eager to hear from people who would like to join us. Not only do we need people to come out on patrol with us, we do need other roles, such as people to knit handwarmers/gloves and hats for us to hand out to people who are vulnerable while out.”

PC Jane Jones, of Malton Police, who helped set up Street Angels, said: “We have a couple of police volunteers now trained to monitor the CCTV for the Street Angels on a Saturday which is working really well. Ruth and fellow c-ordinator Marilyn Sandall are on a recruitment campaign.

“They are going to link in with Scarborough Street Angels and go out on patrol with them one night.”

For details, phone Ruth on 01653 694866.